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About Nova Flow Yoga

Nova Flow Yoga was created by myself, Sinead McCammon, following the completion of my 200-Hour and 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings with the most amazing and inspirational people at My Vinyasa Practice.

Nova Flow Yoga was created with the intention of providing online and face-to-face yoga classes to everyone. I believe that yoga is built on three main structures: exercise, breathing and meditation. In practicing yoga regularly, I wanted to show how passionate I am about yoga and how I truly believe in all the benefits that come with the practice. Yoga can allow individuals to reflect and it offers many opportunities for self-improvement. These include developing new coping strategies for the struggles of mental health issues, becoming more mindful of their own bodies and how they move or simply improving strength and flexibility.

Here at Nova Flow Yoga, we believe offering different types of yoga can allow people of all shapes, sizes and abilities to experience the benefits. We offer slow-paced classes, classes that will strengthen your core, classes for those who require props, children's classes and classes that are purely for meditation and relaxation. 

We are also in partnership with Nova Nutrition which is run by Owen Bradley. As part of the Nutrition side of Nova Flow Yoga, Owen offers personalised nutrition plans to aid people in maintaining a healthy diet, healthy mind and healthy life. 

Meet The Nova Team


Sinead McCammon

I'm the Owner of Nova Flow Yoga and the Instructor. I believe that yoga should be an inclusive activity, to allow everyone the opportunity to experience the amazing benefits of yoga. As well as believing strongly in the yogic practice I have a few more hobbies that I love. 


Owen Bradley

I'm the Nutrition Expert at Nova Flow Yoga. I believe in providing people personalised Nutrition plans to provide them to best opportunity to live a healthy life. As well as Nutrition, I have a lot of other interests. To find out more about me, click the button below.