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Hi everyone, my name is Sinead McCammon and I am the proud owner of Nova Flow Yoga. I am a fully qualified yoga teacher, achieving both of my qualifications through My Vinyasa Practice. I am very passionate about yoga and truly believe in every great benefit that comes with the practice. 

As well as Yoga having a big place in my heart, I am also very passionate about teaching the younger generations and the future leaders of the world studying to become a Primary School Teacher at Bath Spa University will hopefully allow me to do this. 

I love to travel to new places and experience new cultures with an open mind. I believe that experiencing the different ways people live their lives can truly give you a whole new perspective on things. This hobby of mine began through family holidays hiking up Mount Snowdon and having unforgettable experiences. One that will remain important to me was performing in Disneyland Paris with SB Danceworks when I was 16.

But my biggest hobby and interest has to be in photography. I jump at every opportunity to go walking and exploring with my camera in hand. I love experimenting with different lenses and styles of photography, it is definitely a passion of mine that like yoga, will continue grow. 

As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words" so here are a few photos of mine that show every aspect of my personality!

RYS 200 Hour (65)-1.jpg
Level 1 Certificate-1.jpg
Online Trauma Informed Yoga -1.jpg
RYS 300 Hour (15)-1.jpg
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