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Here at Nova Flow Yoga, we understand the importance of nutrition and the benefits of a healthy diet. Nutrition fuels our lives and impacts us everyday without us even realising. A healthy diet is the first step to realising our full potential, which is why our nutrition expert is offering the service of creating personalised nutrition plans.We can make meal times simple, fun and healthy for the whole family!

What's Included in your Nutrition Plan?

As part of the nutrition plan, you will receive a form to fill out in order for us to personalise your plan. You will later receive the plan itself with calorie count and the chosen meal times, a binding contract (pictured right), as well as 20 recipe cards to use alongside your plan.

Prices: *

Nutrition Plan (as described above) £10

20 New Recipe Cards £5

* Membership holders receive a FREE nutrition plan 

For more information please email us at:

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